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Stretching your event budget further

From time to time, I like to bring up solutions that P2P can provide that benefit our super hero clients – you!  One solution is to review your shipping strategy. With so many events in a year, many people tell us they focus on the next conference or tradeshow and how to get their materials to that location.

By having the P2P team review your overall shipping strategy for the year, savings and efficiencies can be found. We all like finding extra money in our budgets, right?  With over 20 years of experience in the industry, both national and international shipping, the P2P team’s knowledge can be used for good.

By mapping-out a long-term strategy of where assets are going and when, we can provide great value and savings, which positively impact your bottom line. We can even do an audit of your shipping services to see areas of cost savings and improvement.  And the best part, there is no cost to you! As your Event Sidekick, we just want you to be successful – so contact us to set up a strategy meeting.

– P2P, Your Ultimate Event Sidekick

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