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For over 30 years, Point to Point (P2P) has partnered with an array of adept marketing trailblazers who spearhead cutting edge events. They demand perfection, and we deliver it.

From shipping properties for an entire conference and expo, to packing, storing, and securing the most delicate, one-of-a-kind prototype, we’ve done it!

Our clients depend on us to take care of the details and provide outside of the box solutions to make them look good. That’s why we are a trusted partner to many Fortune 500 companies.  We lead the event industry with innovative shipping practices and strategies.


Global Shipping Strategy

Global Shipping

Having an event in Copenhagen? No problem. We can help. Do you need to coordinate your stuff between multiple rooms, venues or cities? We can do it.

Our team members become an extension of your company or internal event team, and morph into your ultimate event sidekicks. We make sure your stuff gets to your next destination – on time and exactly where you want it. This leaves you to focus on what matters most, and that’s delivering your epic experience wherever in the world that may be.

Solutions Strategy

Program Strategy & Technology

We work with you to develop a shipping strategy for your event and marketing programs. By mapping-out a strategy of where assets are going and when, we find ways to cut costs that essentially go towards your overall event budget instead.

Our custom tools are specifically created with your event needs in mind. The technology we’ve developed allows all exhibitors of your event to register their packages and pinpoint exactly where their stuff needs to go within a single or multiple locations. It also allows them to drill down on the details, such as any special handling required.

On-Site Services

On-Site Services

Not only do we help you plan and ship your event assets to their final destination, but we also support you while you are there.

We provide on-site monitoring of all inbound and outbound shipments to your event venue. We monitor and track-down missing shipments and get those items to where they need to go so you can concentrate on running the event and not looking for missing freight.  No one will ask you, “Where’s my stuff?” while our team is on-site.

Warehousing Strategies


Do you have an upcoming road show and need to store your shipments in between cities? Or do you have a digital event where you need to send your swag out to attendees?

We have a worldwide network of warehouses, so you can store your assets in strategic locations across the globe. Our team can work with you to ship and securely store your assets in between events, saving time and money on return shipments back to a corporate home base.

Along with our storage capabilities, we provide custom inventory solutions to consolidate, kit, pack, ship, and track individual swag or various giveaways to engage your customers or remote employees.

We take the work off your desk and help extend your brand to your audience.


You guys are awesome. We appreciate the level of service and communication which isn’t always easy to find in logistics vendors.

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