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Happy Halloween from the P2P Team!

Pumpkin Carving

It’s Halloween, so we didn’t just want to tell you spooky tales or talk about the history of the holiday (you can find that here). Instead, since its #TastyTuesday, we thought that a nice pumpkin Swiss roll would really get everyone into the holiday mood. Nothing says “Halloween” like a Swiss roll, right? Joyce, one of the P2P staffers, spent the … Read more

Work tools for remote workers

Remote worker

More than ever, employees are working from home offices and other remote locations. The reasons span from companies giving employees freedom to choose their work location or because space in a corporate office is at a premium. Whatever the reason, the tools to do remote work across the globe have gotten more sophisticated. Here is a list of the latest tools … Read more

Film Festivals – an event pros dream?

Nappa Valley Wine and Film Festival

The Opus Agency is a company on the move. They have been named one of the top agencies for eight consecutive years by Event Marketer. So, when they post about a new trend, I definitely read about it and take note. You should too. In a recent post, they talk about 4 reasons event pros love film festivals. Their article highlights … Read more

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Event Planners Make

10 mistakes event planners make

During events, Event Planners are moving so quickly, they can lose site of the event goal, the changes made during planning, or even small details like having a coat check onsite. Event Sage has a great post called “The Top 10 Most common mistakes event planners make”. My personal favorite tip is to remember Murphy’s Law. Kimberly Rohachuk, The Event Sage, … Read more